Welcome to TradeonTime LED

At TradeOnTime, we are second to none to meet all your lighting and LED needs in Melbourne Australia. We offer a broad range of LED and lighting solutions which can be customized to suit your every business requirements, working with you to stretch your investments further, helping your business to grow through better ROI (Return-on-Investment) and better cost savings. 

Here at TradeOnTime, we are fully committed to bring only the best products and services to you, working together for a better and brighter future for your businesses. 

As leaders in the Melbourne’s lighting industry, TradeOnTime has the best reputation in the market as the premier supplier of lighting modules, solutions, products and related services. Whether it is home lighting or systems for large corporations, we have done it all. Through our extensive experience in this industry, we bring with us not only expertise but cutting-edge and award-winning solutions for our esteemed partners, you.

Melbourne LED Lighting Experts

When it comes to lighting solutions, we are the best in the industry. We supply all types and range of lighting products that can be catered to your needs. This is because we have been in this industry for many years where we have been involved in the design, development, installation, maintenance and other related areas of lighting with corporations from both the public and private sectors.

We have installed lighting systems for residential homes, corporate companies, large and small buildings as well as in mega-projects like stadiums, bus terminals and many others. This puts us in the best position to ensure that your lighting needs are met with the best quality of service, using only the top products in the market today which are sourced from the top manufacturers of the world.

Our LED products

We are the exclusive and chief distributor for the top LED lighting products. We only sell top lighting manufacturer from China with a strong reputable brand name known across the world. Our past records of offering top range services have driven the partnership with top LED manufacturers further where we have been appointed to be the key distributor and marketer of the China’s top LED product lines not only within Australia but in the surrounding regions as well.


As experts and specialists in the lighting industry, we offer other accompanying services that include automated systems. This includes offering sensor-enabled lighting solutions as well as programmable systems like intelligent lighting which are ideal for large buildings. Our software driven products can be customized to suit any business needs of any scale that will offer convenience, value for money and better cost effectiveness.

LED Display

When it comes to LED products, we are the best brand in the market today. We have been one of the strongest and most committed advocates for LED lighting in the market today having been the pioneers of this technology more than 15 years ago when it was still unknown. Today, the use of LED is very popular which is widely attributed by our marketing, encouraging and pushing for the use of this technology in all business sectors of the country. 

We have built our brand around LED where we collaborate with our partners overseas in design, product development and marketing of these products. Today, we manufacture and distribute a full range of LED products like LED strips, LED downlights, LED modules while our LED lights are used by major corporations in buildings as well as in traffic lights around the country.

What we are capable of?

When it comes to lighting, we at TradeOnTime is very committed and strong in our beliefs. We ride on our experience of having been involved with large corporations like Sony, McDonald’s, Petron, KFC and Omega where we use our strengths in deriving future partnerships. Through these ventures, we know what the market wants and needs and from there, we channel them to benefit our partners and clients. 

Many of today’s large corporations are using our products where they enjoy better cost savings, good value for money and sound return on investment. Our products are very reliable which comes with 5 years warranty. Talk to us today and we will show you how your business will grow by leaps and bounds through the use of modern lighting technology. Our technical team is always ready to run a free demonstration at your convenience to show how you can save at least 50% in your electricity bills. 

You will find that we have an extremely capable technical team who are employed from the respective industries. What we bring to you is a complete package of services where we have the best designers, the most experienced engineers and the most industry-employed technical support team to assist you in finding the solution. On top of that, we have the best brands of lighting products that are complemented with state-of-the-art systems to ensure that your business and homes will fully benefit from an eco-friendly and truly cost-effective solution.

LED Advertising truck and trailer

TradeOnTime offers a complete set of products and services when it comes to above and below-the-line advertising and promotions. We have different offerings which are catered to your business needs which are highly impactful and effective. Through our efforts to bring value-added services and cutting-edge products in deriving more captivating and successful marketing campaigns, we are continuously working towards bringing more direct and engaging channels for our clients.

The LED advertising truck is one option in advertising which will be very beneficial as a location-based method. This is one of the areas in which we are focused on that will provide a whole new channel for advertising for our clients. Our LED advertising truck is as the name implies, a truck that ferries a large LED screen that will play continuous ads and messages.

Captivating – Using the latest LED technology, the screens will be very clear and bright during the day and more evidently so during the night.

Mobile – Our LED advertising truck provides you with a mobile solution where you can now play your ads at any location that your business require. This will allow you to reach your target markets better and more effectively.

Affordable – The LED advertising truck network is fully operated and managed by TradeOnTime. This allows us to manage the costing better which will then benefit you as the rates are affordable, economical and subsequently more practical for you.

Technology – Our LED panels are sourced only from the most reputable and established manufacturers where they are made using the latest and most current technologies. All our panels are able to play most commercially available file types that will cover audio, video, images and text.

Versatility – as our partners, you will have the flexibility to either advertise on the LED panel as part of the looping messages or you can cover the entire LED advertising truck.